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Internet and NBN

Straight Up IT are an accredited supplier of NBN Internet services.  Take the headache out of dealing with multiple suppliers for your IT, phone and internet services – we can provision, setup and support your NBN service.  No overseas helpdesks or multiple departments and the need to explain your issue repeatedly.  The buck stops with us.  Contact us for more information on connecting your business to NBN, or transferring your services to us.

NBN Plans

NBN plans are based on speed and data quotas.  The speeds are usually noted as something like 50/20M which means 50 Megabits per second download, and 20 Megabits per second upload.  Please note that all speeds are not available in all areas and can vary depending on distance to the nearest NBN termination point, node or exchange.

Packages supported include:






A variety of monthly data quotas are available for the above plans, and include 15GB, 100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1000GB and 2000GB per month data limits.

If your data runs out, you have the choice of having your connection slowed down with no extra cost, or paying an additional $2.50 per Gigabyte of data for the remainder of the month and retaining your normal download speeds. 

NBN installation charges may apply in some cases, and fees may apply when changes are made to services.

Can I get NBN?

Use the NBNCo Address Lookup tool to see if you can connect NBN services at your location.

Ethernet Services

For enterprise grade symmetrical internet services, we offer a range of services and prices with a choice of two carriers.  As there are many options to choose from, talk to us and we’ll work out the best connection for your business needs.

Mobile Broadband

Hotspotting off your phone is a pretty common way of accessing mobile internet these days, but sometimes you need more.  

Mobile 4G WiFi routers create a mobile WiFi network to share between work colleagues or family members.  We can supply the router, dongle, SIM card and competitive data plans for your mobile broadband needs.  Let us know  what you need and we’ll get it sorted.

ADSL Services

We can also supply ADSL services with various plans and data limits, but as ADSL services will no longer be available in the near future, we prefer to roll out NBN.  If there is a specific reason that you require ADSL, talk to us and we can get it sorted.